Tis the {season}

Hello, all! First and foremost, for my final project in MCOM 225, part of the assignment includes making a graphic tied into my blog! With that being said, I decided that a Holiday blog post would be most fitting. Although I loved doing post related to my major, I am excited to get back to doing more lifestyle post. This post is all about Holiday traditions, a recipe, and home decor during the festive season.

Holiday Traditions:

Card/board games

Tree Hunting

Tree Decorating

Playing in the snow

Cookie decorating/ baking

Holiday Recipe: Sugar Cookie Truffles


  1. Recipe Link Found Here!

Holiday Home Decor: {Black and white}

This year, I am really into the minimal, black and white style decor. I think that a white brick look is very chic and eye catching. The “20” years are a really experimental time in life to find who you are and to really discover your style. I also think that while decorating, sometimes doing less, really makes a bigger statement. While looking at different blogs and websites, I’ve found a few styles that I personally really found to be appealing.


These two shown above are both simple, and cheap if you’re doing your bargaining right. I also talk about my future house “wants” with SG, and I think he has a mini heart attack each time. Little does he know, this girl is a big-time savvy shopper. He underestimates my power. Anyways, my advice when it comes to doing DIY’s is start by making a list of things you absolutely need for the project. The stores I would start with are truly thrift stores, or hobby lobby and hit up that 40% online coupon. Even stores such as Walmart or the Dollar Tree typically have what you need, and just need a little TLC. One of my favorite bloggers that I follow, redid almost her entire house with thrift store buys, and trust me, her house is GOALS. DIY’s really do save a great deal of money and are also a fun Saturday afternoon. If you live on a farm, or know someone with a few old sheds filled with “things”, go rummaging. I love salvage shopping. I am a very big rustic/ vintage advocate. The history and life in the items are actually breathtaking and it’s so amusing how things come back in style, decades later!


i love the class look of this kitchen. The white wooden floors accompanied by the gray walls with crown molding in the test are gorgeous. The chairs posted in this picture can easily be made as well! Buy an old wooden table set off craigslist or a garage sale and paint it with an off white paint, and finish the look with sanding down the edges for a more worn/ rustic look. Another good store for finding bargains is Target! The dollar isle is one of my favorite parts of the store, and typically has tons of good buys!

I hope you enjoyed this post as well as the featured image, that was extremely simple to design. I love the old red car stocked up with gifts. Please feel free to share any recipes, decorating tips, or any holiday traditions that you love doing! Thank you for reading and I hope you found my two- cents worth the read!


“He will be our peace.-micah 5:5”

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